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SlideLizard - Audience interaction in PowerPoint

SlideLizard connects Presenters with their Audience

PowerPoint AddOn interaction with smartphone


As presenter you use the SlideLizard PowerPoint AddIn on your PC to share your presentation and interact with your audience.


As attendee you use SlideLizard on your smartphone to connect and interact with SlideLizard presentations.

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This is why presenters already love SlideLizard

Save time and money

Save time and money

Sending out slides, collecting feedback, all that usually costs a lot of time. With SlideLizard this is done within seconds!

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Raise attention in your audience

Increase attention

Interactive polls keep your presentation interesting and your audience listening until the end!

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Improve communication of your content

Better communicate content

By automatically sharing your slides and additional content, your audience has all information in one place.

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Make a memorable impression in your audience

Make a lasting impression

Are you innovative? Then show it to your customers and impress them by using a modern tool like SlideLizard.

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Improve your presentations skills

Improve yourself

Audience feedback via SlideLizard helps you enhancing your presentation skills to become better over time.

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Set up new lead contacts

Generate leads

Get to know your audience. See who joined your presentation, they may be your new customers!

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