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Direct integration in PowerPoint

Work with the tools you already know. No need in changing your presentation workflow. SlideLizard neatly integrates in PowerPoint, so you can manage everything in one place.

Hubert Preisinger

Business Consultant @ LeapForward

SlideLizard is like a supercharge for PowerPoint. I love the seamless integration!


Share your slides with ease

No more uploading or sending your slides per email to every single attendee. SlideLizard let’s you automatically share your slides with your audience. No work on your side involved. We promise.

Perfecting your slides last minute? SlideLizard has you covered - one click and the update is published.

Margarete Durstberger

Hotel Manager

SlideLizard's slide share feature already saved me hours of tedious work!

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Assess your performance

The times of handing out feedback questionairs which nobody fills out are over!

With SlideLizard you can easily collect and analyze feedback from your audience so you can become a better presenter every single time.

Rebecca Hofbauer


Since I get regular feedback from my students on SlideLizard, I'm finally able to adjust my lessons to the better each week!

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Share what you present

Sharing additional content has never been easier. SlideLizard automatically searches through your slides for URLs you’ve put on your slides.

Manfred Durstberger

Managing Director @ Hueck Folien

I often recommend books and videos in my presentations. With SlideLizard this is as convenient as it gets for me, but also for the people watching!

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Handle questions like a pro

Answer incoming questions from your audience in realtime - just one click and everybody can see your selected question overlaid on your slides. Shy people can ask anonymously as well. And if there is not enough time left, simply answer remaining questions afterwards via SlideLizard.

Wolfgang Strasser

Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional)

With large audiences I often saw people withholding their questions because they didn't want to speak out loud - since I use SlideLizard this is no problem anymore!

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Stay in control

You like to move around freely on the stage? We too. Therefore we've built in a remote control right into the SlideLizard app. Switch your slides and answer questions with your smartphone or tablet, even when the screen is off using the volume keys.

Two speaker on stage? No problem either. SlideLizard let’s you connect your co-speaker’s phone too, so you don’t need to hand over the same device all the time.

Thanawan Truckenthanner

Student @ Butler University

With Slidelizard I can control my presentations using my smartphone. It’s very convenient, because I have it with me at any time.

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* currently only available on Android